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In a globalized world, the variables for decision making are increasing. Artificial intelligence combined with the processing of large volumes of information provide predictive tools to make effective planning and execution of your strategic goals. Learn how we are going to help you.

Big data

We process the information distributed in different databases with knowledge tools like datamining, algorithms, deep learning and machine learning, among others.

Business Inteligence

Today information is dispersed in different media and databases. We consolidate data and transform it into information 'for decision making, through powerful and visual dashboards.


Many processes can be improved through the knowledge generated in years of their execution. We provide algorithms with this learning embeded to improve decision making.

HR Analytics

Talent management is an essential activity in a globalized labor market. We measure and prepare market information to compare human resource practices and retain talent in organizations.


A combination of international experience and disruptive management

CPN - MBA. Experience in debt restructuring, business planning, organizational re-engineering, mergers and acquisitions, negotiation, conformation and leadership of international teams. Interbrain, Sitrack, IMPSA China.

Alberto Aguiló

Founder - Business Inteligence

Dr. in Mathematics. Specialist in IA, Blockchain y Cryptocurrency. Experience in the implementation of mathematical models in private companies and research organizations. Supercanal Holding, National University of Cuyo, National University of Córdoba, Agricultural Biotechnology.

Sebastián Simondi

Founder -  IA, Blockchain y Cryptocurrency

Dr. in Engineering Sciences. Specialist in Bigdata and datamining. and Technological Applications of Nuclear Energy. Bachelor of applied mathematics. Experience in best practices implementation for industrial processes. Organization of educational systems. Balseiro, Zaldivar Institute, Barrick Gold, National University of Cuyo.

Raúl Marino

Founder - BigData y DataMining

Mg. Telecommunications, Electronic Engineer and Lic. in Applied Mathematics. Experience in large companies and goverment in the design and implementation of networking projects, optical networks and GIS. Arsat, Skytel, United Nations.

Hector Ocaranza

Founder - Technological Integration and Cloud Services

Bachelor in Business Administration, Coach (AACOP _ FICOP). University professor of degree and postgraduate. International consultant in business processes. Specialist in Information Technology and HR. CASOTO, PwC, Trivento, National University of Cuyo. 

Diego Caso

Founder - HR Analytics

Case studies

Some of our works


Case study 1
Major cable TV provider

Identification and classifying patterns of payment behavior. Cost effectiveness. Product margin. Collection. Payment Scoring Anticipation of debt. Optimization of times for the logistics of service cutting teams. Unproductivity of team mobilization. 


Case study 2
Health services

Design of the calculation algorithm for the treatment of Keratoconus that allows to predict with 93% accuracy, the percentage of improvement after the surgical procedure.


Case study 3

Uruguay. Development of mathematical models for mass phenotyping, Quantitative Genetics and efficiency of water use in plants.


Case study 4
Early detection of fraud

Analysis of historical cases for the development of a predictive algorithm that weighs the possibility of fraud against a complaint.


Case study 5

Analysis of investor portfolio management experiences to execute automatic processes of buying / selling positions in transparent markets.


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